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Please let me know if OEM 15154-MM5-000 number is wrong inside Gasket kit b (#25) list. If you notice any error on this page please send an email (visit my contact page).

Genuine part details:

  • Your Honda Model: CBR600RR
  • Year build: 2003
  • This part list: Gasket kit b
  • Part #: 25
  • OEM #: #15154-MM5-000
  • Short description: GASKET OIL STRAINER
  • Package: 1
  • Average price: 5.44 usd
  • Referral # : 1 (check microfiche diagram for referral #, see below)

Where to find #15154-MM5-000 honda part ??

I am riding Honda CBR600RR since 1998, I have been using local dealers for mostly everything when it comes to new parts. Today I shop online only and use Motorcycle superstore and jpcycles. They offer great deals always and ship extremely fast.

  1. Motorcycle Superstore for dirty & street bikes.
  2. J&P cycles for metric cruiser parts.


Honda 15154-MM5-000 genuine part number image

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